Sunday, 14 June 2015


As part of my AOP board ive decided to make scale candles and here's how.
I cut up cotton wool buds and bits of sprue to various sizes, drilled a small hole and super glues florists wire for the wick. I then applied multiple  layers of thinned PVA glue for the melted wax

Once glued in place more PVA was added. In total ive added about 5 layers of glue, letting each layer thoroughly dry before adding the next.
I will base coat these whete then shade with thinned down serephin sepea. The wick will be painted black and the very tip dark brown as if its been burnt. Not sure if i will add flames out of green stuff or not yet.
All credit to for the ideas
C+C welcome

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Dark Angels armies on parade WIP

Hi. Ive been posting WIP on facebook for a while of my armies on parade board so thought its about time i did a blog on it. So here it is...

Hi fellow painters

Im far from being a 'pro' painter but i seem to come up with some fairly  unique ideas for models and a few people have mentioned that i should do a blog to share my ideas and tutorials.
Hope you enjoy and always open to comments